Personal Insights

By understanding customers’ financial data we gain unique insights into how they can manage their money better.

Always On

Constantly on the lookout making sure customers are in control of their financial situation.

Financial Mentor

Staying with customers every step of the way and being in the moment of important financial decisions.

Achieving the Best Financial Outcome

Our technology supports customers through their financial journey, from renting, buying a home or simply saving more. With hyper personalised banking services we help every customer live a financially healthier life. We change their relationship with money for the better, so financial goals can become a reality.

Ezifin - Customer Financial Journey

By harnessing the power of third party distribution partners, Ezifin technology is present in key moments of a customer’s financial journey.

  • Our Rental Check Service provides customers with an easy way to apply for a rental property and an even easier way for time poor property agents to process rental applications.
  • Our Home Loan Lead Generator is the most cost-effective method of acquiring customers for home loans when they search for property online.
  • Our Landlord Loan innovation enables investors to buy property at much more affordable prices with the potential to receive taxation benefits and rental income.

The Financial Times ranks our Group as a Top Asia Pacific High-Growth Company

The Australian Financial Review awarded our Group as Most Innovative Company in 2019 and rated as the top PropTech to watch in 2020.

Customer Value through Technology

Our state of the art technology enables our banking partners to empower customers to manage their money better. By gaining insights into their customers with aggregated financial data and individualised goal setting, they are in the moment of a customer’s decision to seek finance and create the best possible banking experience. By staying ahead of the curve customers are better engaged and, importantly, you are one step ahead of the competition.

Real Time Experience

Transactions are analysed and presented in real time, allowing us to help customers at the instance of a transaction, be it a savings opportunity or an opportunity to finance the purchase of a home.

Knowledge vs. Data

Data is our specialty and insights are our competitive advantage. With our suite of technology solutions our partners can gain unique insights into customer behaviours.

Open Banking

Our technologies enable partners to take advantage of the new open banking environment and capture opportunities across the financial services ecosystem.

Sector Sentiment

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